4 Way Nail Buffer Shinner


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4 Way Nail Buffer Shinner
The 4 sides of each nail file block are respectively white,black,gray
Face 1: Coarse Sanding for Chipping Nail Edge
Face 2 : Find Sanding for Smoothing Nail Surface
Face 3 : Final Preparation for Fine Polishing
Face 4 : Perfect Polishing Orderly use the rough sides and smooth ones to polish and shine your nails.Individual Dimension :Appr 8.8cm x 3.5cm x 2.3cm(L x H x W). 4 Way White Nail Buffing Sanding Block 100/100 grit
Remove file marks and scratches on all types of enhancements. A perfect sized block buffer to get into side walls and close to the cuticle without causing abrasions. Durable, sanitizable, long-lasting. Stock up on buffers so you will never run out!
• Preparing the Nail Plate
• Filing
• Perfecting Natural Nails, Nail Extensions and Acrylic Nails
• Quick and easy to use
• Removes shine from Nail Plate
• Quick Nail prep for all Nail Types
Creates a perfect even finish

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